Narwhal: A microblogging WordPress plugin

Microblogging is nothing new. Obviously. Twitter popularized it and there have been and will continue to be many knockoffs. And now with a new WordPress plugin I’ve put together, you can add this type of functionality to any blog running WordPress.

What is microblogging? Just in case you kind of know but want confirmation. To me, microblogging is simply publishing short sentences. So instead of posting long articles, each post might be something like, “I just ran into Kelly Clarkson at the grocery store.” The posts are just brief thoughts. Twitter of course has a character limit. My Narwhal plugin does not. But, it does make the most sense to keep things brief.

How does Narwhal work? Once it is installed, you’ll see a new post form on your blog’s main posts page. You just type out your thought, tag it, and post. The page will refresh, and you’ll see your new post. There are a few settings within the main Writing settings in your admin area. You can do things like, hide the title field if you don’t need it, or display the form differently.

Why use Narwhal versus any other front-end posting plugin? Simplicity. Most front-end posting plugins out there will have complex forms and features. Which is great if you want a front-end form to post full length articles with all the bells and whistles your back-end has. But, if you just want to post quick thoughts, and you want a plugin which is fast, Narwhal is all you need. Also, most other similar plugins will add all kinds of CSS and JavaScript to your site. Narwhal adds a super small amount of CSS and JavaScript. It mostly just uses your theme’s styling and standard WordPress functionality.

It will only be visible if you are logged in. If you have a multi-author or multi-user blog, just know that anyone with the ability to publish posts will see the new microblogging form.

Finally, here is a post I made with this plugin. Short and simple. Micro. 🙂

Download at

Screenshots (with my blog’s styling):

The form:

Narwhal: A microblogging WordPress plugin

A post:

Narwhal: A microblogging WordPress plugin

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1 thought on “Narwhal: A microblogging WordPress plugin

  1. Although not necessary, if you want an alert to pop up if you happen to submit the microblog form without saying anything, you could copy and paste the following jQuery into your site’s footer, just above the ending body tag.

      jQuery(function () {
            jQuery("#submit").click(function () {
      if(jQuery("#posttext").val().trim().length < 1)
        alert("You forgot to say something.");

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