Firefox and other browsers will topple Google Chrome

I’ve been hearing more and more about fishy things Google has been doing for years and will continue to do. It all centers around advertising and trying to make as much money as possible.

Trying to make as much money as possible isn’t necessarily what turns me off, it’s more the way they try and do it.

Increasingly, Google is making it easier for people to track your activity online. Which makes sense. They need your browsing data for advertising purposes. And, other companies need that data as well. But, it’s a little creepy to be honest.

I don’t do anything illegal online and so that’s not why I care about tracking. It’s more about the fact that you know they don’t have the best intentions no matter what they say. Money is involved here. Tons of money. Nothing good can come from turning Chrome into, essentially spyware in order to make more money.

So, although I was an early adopter of Chrome many years ago, I’m going to switch to using Firefox as my primary browser. Which is what I used before Chrome existed. But, when Chrome came out it was so minimal, fast, and pretty, that I switched. That’s back when Google was less, “old creepy uncle,” and more “young cool cousin.”

But now, Firefox is more simple and so far, seems just as fast as Chrome. I’m on my iPhone right now using the Firefox iOS app. It’s beautiful.

The menus in the iOS app are simpler and easier to read compared to Chrome. And, most importantly, the privacy features and menu are front and center. With a flip of a switch you can turn ad tracking on and off. You can also quickly turn of images for a fast text-only experience, and/or turn on night mode.

I’m nobody and so Google won’t read this or listen to me, but if they were smart they’d scale  back on the ad tracking and other fishy activities. I realize it’s how they make money. But, relatively soon, more and more people are going to blog about this topic and reveal other creepy things Google is doing.

Google has two choices:

1) Keep being creepy and make all the money you can while you can because it won’t last.

2) Stop being creepy and in turn, stop losing users/customers.

I think Google will stick with option 1 which is why I predict Chrome will not remain the top browser for long.

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