This is my new blog where I likely will not say much. One of my hobbies from time to time is creating websites and messing around with the code. I’m not a talented developer; I call myself a code fiddler. That’s why I like to self-host things like this blog from time to time. It’s a good brain exercise to set these sites up and maintain them.

Since I doubt I will publish blog posts often, instead the main purpose of this site are the pages where you can check out my music and other art. I dabble in a lot, but at the end of the day I like to make things.

My latest creation is a new electronic music album called, “Good Wolf.” It’s streaming now on Spotify, Apple Music, and other places under my music artist name, “Breathing in and out.” Or, BIAO, for short.

I started off as a teen making acoustic pop/rock (singer-songwriter) type music. I honestly hated electronic music when I was young. But, as I’m grown as a person and musician I’m finding that making electronic music is a lot of fun. Combining all of the sounds, effects, textures, samples, and so on feels more creative than just strumming my guitar. I’m already working on the next electronic album. It could be ready by the end of the year or beginning of next year.

The wolf on the front of the “Good Wolf” album is an original stippling I did. It’s a time consuming, but very mindful and rewarding way to make art.

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