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TiddlyWiki is a single HTML file which you can open in any web browser, add information to it, tag it, save it, and take it anywhere. It’s your own personal, digital, super lightweight, single file brain.

Don’t let the acronym HTML scare you. As long as you know how to download a file to your desktop, double click it to open it, and you know how to download files, then you can use a TiddlyWiki.

Once you get used to how it works there’s all kinds of plugins and fancy things you can do with it. You can even host it online.

A new version of TiddlyWiki will be released soon. It’s version 5.2.3. Each version has a rectangular banner associated with it. I designed the banner for this upcoming release. It’s the one at the bottom of this post.

The paw print was chosen because TiddlyWiki’s mascot is a cat. Then inside the paw are icons related to some of the things that were improved or fixed for this release. Things like improving code that has to do with speed, translations, and accessibility.

For more about TiddlyWiki and to get a copy of the tool for yourself, visit

TiddlyWiki 5.2.3 version banner which has a pastel pink, purple, and blue background with a blue cat paw

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