Being into tinkering with website code I’ve gotten more and more into using GitHub over the last couple of years. That’s right, just over the last couple of years. I know it’s been around since 2008.

One part of GitHub I enjoy are the Awesome Lists.

Traditionally, GitHub is a place to organize, track, update, and store code. But, it’s a nice free place to store other things too, like lists. Sure, one could make a list on a blog like this one. Or, in a notebook. But, GitHub lets other people fork and contribute to the list. Plus, somewhat recently GitHub added discussion boards which I believe will help make these lists even better. You have a list of cool things, plus now a discussion area to discuss the list.

I’ve decided to start two different lists. My fingers are crossed that I will find time to add to them and keep them updated. I’ve enjoyed the process so far. The two lists I’m starting are:

  1. Easy Self-hosted – A list of web software that you can host yourself. Just like the blog you’re reading right now. There are already lists like this but this one will focus on EASY to install software. Self-hosting for your average person, versus applications that require coding experience to install.
  2. Awesome Recruiting – A list of resources for Talent Acquisition professionals (aka recruiters). After all, my day job is within this industry.

You don’t have to understand exactly how GitHub works to enjoy these lists. Contributing to the list is as easy as creating a GitHub account and then going to the Discussions tab at the top of each list. Find the right topic, create a discussion, and make your contribution. See you there!

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