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🧠 This post is part of my brain gain series.

Today’s random article is about Tibersyrnola unifasciata.

This is a type of sea snail. The shell is white, smooth, and polished. It sounds fairly common seeing as all of the follow locations are listed:

  • European waters (ERMS scope)
  • Mediterranean Sea : Sicily, Greece
  • Greek Exclusive Economic Zone
  • Portuguese Exclusive Economic Zone (the Azores)
  • Spanish Exclusive Economic Zone
  • United Kingdom Exclusive Economic Zone
  • Canary Islands
  • Atlantic Ocean off Mauritania

After an image search of this snail, my first thought was that it should have some sort of unicorn horn nickname. That’s what it looks like to me.

This sea creature is part of the pyram family or pyramid shells family. If you like shells that are this shape, then you love pyram shells.

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