I’m officially announcing a recruiting website I’ve been working on called, Alicorn Hunt. I’ve been working in the recruiting industry for over 15 years. I thought it was about time for me to combine my day job with my love for web design.

Although similar sites exist, the main reason I’m working on Alicorn Hunt is that every time I go out to research something about recruiting and post it, I’m learning more. So, the act of finding content for Alicorn Hunt helps enhance my recruiting knowledge. Plus, others can go there and benefit as well. I could share what I find on LinkedIn or this personal blog. But, by creating a whole new website I’m able to keep my webmaster and design skills sharp as well. Plus, it’s just fun to work on this.

What can you do at Alicorn Hunt? Well, the site’s about page which I recently published does a good job of explaining. So, I’ll just point you there (use the button below).

Whether you are a recruiter, sourcer, or talent, you can sign up. Just use the right registration form. Let’s all work together (even people who aren’t recruiters) to make job and talent hunting magical.

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