I created a lot of new music in 2022 and if all goes well this trend will continue in 2023. Here are my upcoming releases (already available on Bandcamp but not on streaming platforms until the dates below).

First, this is already fully released. I just want to mention it because of the new year coming up. The first track on my Positive Vibes EP is called New Year. I hope you’ll stream it on New Year’s Eve.

Now on to the upcoming releases:

“Let us begin to heal now, namaste” releases officially on December 16, 2022. I experimented with a lot of panning, beeping, and other electronic sounds. I also layered some beautifully distorted guitars throughout. And, the track names match the album title.

Then, on January 1, 2023 my album “Abstract” will officially be available on streaming services. The album artwork is a painting I made. Also, this album has my first ever recorded hard rock song with some tasteful screaming in it done by yours truly. You’ll hear this on the track “Circuits.” Admittedly, the music I create is usually fairly chill/calm. But, it felt great to let loose. Although scary or odd to some, screaming is an excellent way to release stress. However, staying true to my typical vibe, most of the rest of the album should have a nice calming effect on your soul. Finally, the track “Up All Night” is actually a recycled song I wrote in college during my “singer/songwriter” days. It’s pure pop/acoustic.

I hope you enjoy and may 2023 be filled with even more new music.

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  1. I am happy for you billy ️

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