Meet Kirby. A male beta fish. Here’s his set up and some basics about beta care.

We’re on a budget but wanted a fish for the kids (and me). Next to the beta fish Petsmart had a 3 gallon tank with everything needed except gravel and plants. For 1 beta 3 gallons seems enough to me so that’s what we got. In hardcore beta care forums some will say a beta needs even more space but in the wild they are sometimes in fairly small puddles from what I’ve read. I think 3 gallons is plenty.

If you have a beta in less than 3 gallons I’m not here to tell you that’s bad. I don’t know.

To care for our beta this is what I’ll be doing (sharing in case this can help someone else).

  • Weekly 25% water changes (Take out about 25% of the water while vacuuming the gravel as much as I can with siphon.)
  • Replace water taken out with already treated room temperature water.
  • Full water changes about every 3 to 6 months because this tank has a filter. If you don’t have a filter this is needed more often.
  • Feed in the morning with occasional bloodworm treat.
  • Heater keeps water at 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Tank light on during the day and off at night. Simply to copy a normal day/night schedule.

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  1. We almost got a beta fish once then we didn’t. I forgot why. But fish as pets in general sound interesting 👍

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