I love practicing different meditation techniques. I also love practicing coding.

I was thinking: What WordPress plugin could I create relatively quickly that would be related to meditation?

The obvious option was to make some sort of timer. But, a regular old meditation timer would be boring. Around this point during my self-brainstorming session my mind started to wander.

I started to think about how the mind wanders during meditation. Which is why sometimes it’s neat to have meditation music playing, and/or a visual to focus on. Something to help stimulate the mind just enough to where it’s harder for it to wander because it’s focused on the music, or a twirling spiral.

Then I thought, what if you interacted with something on screen to help focus the mind? A button?

And so, I’m pleased to present to you, a new WordPress plugin and concept: The Meditation Button.

The user holds down a button which triggers a timer and they begin meditating. They must keep the button pressed to keep the meditation going. So, instead of only focusing on the breath, the user can focus on that but also focus on keeping the button pressed. It’s just enough extra activity to help the mind wander less and help block distractions. While also not being too much activity since a goal of meditation is to clear the mind. Once done, the user lets go of the button and this is when a small WordPress tie in happens. The user is automatically taken to the page’s comment form with the length of time they meditated populated in the comment box. Now they can quickly share that they just completed a “button meditation.” ️

Try it out below! Press and hold the button, take some deep breaths, and release the button.

Play audio while meditating

Get this plugin!

2 responses to “WordPress Shortcode Plugin: Meditation Button”

  1. I just button meditated for: 0 minutes and 24 seconds.

  2. I just button meditated for: 1 minute and 17 seconds.

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