Everyone understandably focuses on making the front end of their WordPress-powered website look nice. But, the back end often doesn’t get as much love.

Over the years various admin themes have popped up and some look really great. But, there’s never been that many. Also, there’s never been one that quite matches the look and feel of modern web apps.

Today, that changed for me because I found this free admin theme (plugin): UiPress lite

With a few clicks, I had a modern, very fancy admin dashboard thanks to this plugin.

So far I haven’t noticed any major issues. There may be one or two very small things I don’t like about it, but they aren’t deal-breakers. One small thing is that when I click on a top-level menu item that page opens, versus it being treated like a hover menu like I’m used to in the default admin dashboard. Another issue at one point was one of the built in themes (minimal) wouldn’t load for me but that could have been user error.

Overall it’s a fast-loading, beautiful and sleek plugin and it comes with various templates you can choose from to kick off your admin customizations. You can stick with a template’s default settings and it’ll look great. Or adjust colors, your logo, menu items, etc.

I wish by default this was how WordPress’ admin dashboard looked. I bet in the future (maybe by WordPress 7 or 8) the dashboard will get a full makeover that better matches the look of the block editor. But, will it be as sleek as this plugin?

Screenshot of UiPress lite

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