WP Ulike is a great plugin for WordPress to allow people to like posts and comments. I use it here; the star under posts. You don’t have to use a star you can use a heart, thumbs up/down, and various other templates that come with the plugin.

I have used many other “like” plugins but I seem to always come back to this one. The reason is because it has more features than other ones like stats, and it has the least bugs. It works with any WordPress set up I’ve ever tried it with. And I have spun up a lot of WordPress sites for several years!

But, I’m not posting a review. I just want to let you know that I made a simple add-on plugin for WP Ulike. It gives you a new shortcode to display your most liked posts anywhere you want.

I’m using it on this page to show my top 3 posts.

If you use WP Ulike and are interested in this, just buy me a coffee and I’ll send the code to you. ️

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Billy Wilcosky