Years ago I found this WordPress plugin called, “Dooodl.” Ronny Welter created the plugin. It lets you draw a little doodle and submit it with your name, title, and description. It’s like a guestbook for your WordPress blog but cooler. ‘Cause there’s doodling involved.

I rediscovered this plugin the other day but it wouldn’t install (fatal errors). I reached out to Ronny and he’s letting me commit some changes to get this thing back up and running again.

So far so good… I’ve made several changes but the heart/core of the plugin is still there. Now the plugin works again, and I think, for the most part, it also works on small screens like smartphones. But, this part needs more testing.

To get this to work better on smartphones things had to be repositioned so that no scrolling is needed. If the screen scrolls on a touchscreen device, then doodling doesn’t work. Because you can’t scroll and doodle at the same time.

I haven’t had a chance to test the widget, but the shortcodes, drawing, submitting, and gallery all work now.

To do:

  • Make gallery more responsive for phones
  • Test widget
  • Reposition the saving/saved message
  • Add link to gallery in another place
  • Do a little dance

Thanks, Ronny, and I hope some new folks will discover and try out this fun plugin in the future.

Download it here:

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