I created Notey, an open-source single HTML file that lets you save short notes.

It’s a single file so that you can easily email it to someone or save it to a thumb drive.

You save short notes (up to 300 characters) because the idea is to use it to save short reminders, AI prompts, URLs, or other short notes. Use something more robust if you want to save long notes.

You can tag notes and search for them with ease.

Finally, the best part is that you can export your notes to a CSV file. Then later import them. So, if you need Notey on another device one day you just export, load up Notey on the new device, and import. It takes seconds and you’re all set.

Download the zip file from the following page, and then all you need is notey.html. Save that on your desktop for easy access. Enjoy!


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Billy Wilcosky