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Make entire post (div) clickable (linked)If you self-host WordPress and have a full site editing-enabled …5 months ago2023-01-02 15:52:19
The History of Santa Claus🧠 This post is part of my brain gain series. …5 months ago2022-12-23 16:07:34
Bring back sleeping capsUpdate (12/31/2022): Since posting this groundbreaking hot take, I’ve learned …5 months ago2022-12-18 12:43:52
The Goathland Plough Stots🧠 This post is part of my brain gain series. …5 months ago2022-12-18 12:26:04
KirbyMeet Kirby. A male beta fish. Here’s his set up …5 months ago2022-11-27 15:23:39
New year, new musicI created a lot of new music in 2022 and …5 months ago2022-11-24 13:53:34
Smoke testing (lean startup)🧠 This post is part of my brain gain series. …5 months ago2022-11-24 12:56:25
I just reacted with ❤️ on WordPress + FediverseI just reacted with ❤️ on WordPress + Fediverse.5 months ago2022-11-12 18:11:20
🤙I’m now friends with Tom Finley.5 months ago2022-11-12 18:10:51
I just reacted with ❤️ on Old News but still true as ever: Facebook and Instagram are harming the Open Web.I just reacted with ❤️ on Old News but still …5 months ago2022-11-04 00:50:30
Alicorn HuntI’m officially announcing a recruiting website I’ve been working on …5 months ago2022-11-02 21:27:10
1507 in Science🧠 This post is part of my brain gain series. …5 months ago2022-11-02 21:05:20
How to center a popup modalRecently I needed to do something relatively simple (or it …5 months ago2022-10-25 12:42:46
WordPress Federated (Connect sites together)Something which I was hoping would pick up steam faster …5 months ago2022-10-02 13:35:37
🤙I’m now friends with alex.kirk.atI’m now friends with months ago2022-10-02 12:56:56
👍Keeping Family History with WordPressI just reacted with 👍 on Keeping Family History with …5 months ago2022-10-02 11:58:25
Tibersyrnola unifasciata🧠 This post is part of my brain gain series. …5 months ago2022-09-26 22:28:25
Random Wikipedia articlesTo exercise my brain and continue to learn I’m going …5 months ago2022-09-26 22:23:58
I Miss RSSThis is a recreation of a popular blog post I …5 months ago2022-09-18 12:13:25
Positive VibesI’ve released music for six months straight at this point …5 months ago2022-09-02 15:17:03
HigherIn August I released a new electronic album titled, “Higher.” …5 months ago2022-09-01 00:52:01
Up Down UpI was looking for a WordPress upvoting plugin today. Something …5 months ago2022-08-28 23:29:03
HashoverSo, you like to self-host a website or landing page …5 months ago2022-08-27 09:51:11
8.19 HigherAs 2022 began I had no intentions of creating new …5 months ago2022-08-11 04:40:27
Awesome ListsBeing into tinkering with website code I’ve gotten more and …5 months ago2022-08-08 16:51:54
TiddlyWiki 5.2.3TiddlyWiki is a single HTML file which you can open …5 months ago2022-07-29 17:08:49
New music now streamingThis is my new blog where I likely will not …5 months ago2022-07-24 12:39:20

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