Since I was a kid I loved the Internet and later on, in high school, I fell in love with creating websites. I love how you can take some code and create something that people around the world can use. I also have always loved recording things and at times in a “radio” type voice. I could continue to only use these skills for myself. Or, I can offer my 25+ years of web, audio, and art experience to you at reasonable prices. Below are the services I offer.

* For the blog installation services I cannot offer long-term support. I will ensure everything works but if something breaks down the road you would have to troubleshoot yourself. Also, I’m only listing the fee for the installation and other features added to the blog. You will have to sign up and pay for a domain name and website hosting as well. For the domain and website hosting I am currently recommending Namecheap. It’s cheap, yet fast and reliable. For only about $2 to $3 a month you can have a custom domain name and quality web hosting. I’m estimating of course. Namecheap may change their pricing at any time.

Billy Wilcosky