A vector style white and blue wolf in the sky with a single cloud behind the head.


I enjoy learning different web coding languages, being a webmaster, and web design’s overall artistic and poetic aspects. I aim to always make web software or code snippets that almost anyone can use. In other words, there’s web software that requires command-line experience and other things that many people don’t understand in order to install it. I prefer to create things that are easy to copy and paste into a website, or that install with a few clicks.

That’s why I started SkyWolf, my software and creative solutions company. To view the solutions I have available (some free, some paid) visit wilcosky.com/skywolf.

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My Websites

Besides this blog and SkyWolf, I also built and maintain the following websites.

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artiststash.com – A carefully curated collection of resources for creators.
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Alicorn Hunt – A magical place for recruiters and talent. Share knowledge, ask questions, post reviews, and more. Let’s work together to make job and talent hunting magical.
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KISS Poetry – A minimal poetry-sharing and poetry discussion community. The way you post is unique and each post automatically shows the number of characters, syllables, lines, and other stats.
Billy Wilcosky