I enjoy learning different web coding languages, being a webmaster, and the overall artistic and poetic aspects of web design. I’m not a professional developer but I understand basics about PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. I usually keep a website or two (like this one) online to help keep my web skills somewhat fresh.

Here’s some of my code related projects and profiles:

  • Alicorn Hunt – A magical place for recruiters and talent. Share knowledge, ask questions, post reviews, and more. Let’s work together to make job and talent hunting magical.
  • – A simple free service I run which allows you to create a profile and link to other accounts and/or shorten URLs. What’s your vibin’ link?
  • WordPress Plugins – I created a couple basic WordPress plugins.
  • WordPress Theme – I created a minimal, yet modern WordPress theme. Modern as of 2021 anyway.
  • Flarum Extensions – Flarum is forum software and for a while I was creating some extensions for it. They are littered throughout my GitHub account.
  • Easy self-hosted – A GitHub awesome list featuring self-hosted web software.
  • Awesome Recruiting – A GitHub awesome list featuring recruiting tools.
  • My GitHub
  • My Codepen
Billy Wilcosky