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It’s been busy lately. 2023 has been a rebuilding, expanding, yet swimming against a strong current year.

Somehow* I manage to still find time for the hobbies that keep me motivated and happy. By the way, this may be my life advice for you. Find a hobby you love and ensure you have time for that hobby.

On May 22nd I released a new single called, “Anew.” The vocals were recorded while lying flat in bed. One reason is because I have very limited time to record. It happened to be a comfortable somewhat quiet spot at the time so I went with it. As I recorded the vocals I almost decided not to record that way. But, I recalled John Lennon once saying that there was some song he sang lying down. So, I continued.

I really like how it turned out. It’s my favorite original song that I’ve created in a while. Have a listen:

In case you stumbled upon this and know nothing about me, Breathing in and out is the name for my music. It was a quick and obvious choice in my head because of how mindfulness has helped me.

I also continue to mess around with code. I had never tried making a game out of JavaScript and HTML, and so now I have. I was inspired by Wordle, the popular word guessing puzzle game. But, with this game you just keep guessing and watching for fire 🔥 emoji in the hint to gauge when you are getting letters in the right spots. You may play once a day here:


Thanks for catching up with me! I’m off to clean, oil wood (don’t ask), and whatever else happens.

* One way I manage to find spare time here and there for things like music and code is because of my wife, Allison. She’ll watch the kids while I’m doing one of my hobbies. ️ I’m very grateful for everything she does for me.

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