In my main menu above you’ll see a new Directory item. Since the outburst of social media traditional blogging has taken a backseat. At least this is how it feels to me. People who self-host blogs need ways to connect outside of the walls of social media sites.

So, I’ve started a directory where you may submit your blog. But, there’s a catch. At least for now, I’m only listing WordPress-powered blogs. I’m biased, I know. But, it’s just what I use for this blog and I thought it’s a nice niche within a niche. I like niche.

I tried posting this suggestion at a forum, but a moderator removed the post since it wasn’t support related. But ideally, it would make more sense for Automattic (WordPress / psst to create an extensive all-inclusive directory of WordPress blogs. Which I’m sure they have at, but I’m talking about a directory for the, self-hosted folks. They do have a “showcase” at, but that’s not quite the same thing.

Until they do or in case they never do, if you self-host WordPress, please share your blog. Tap directory in the main menu.

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Billy Wilcosky