I recently spun up a new community called KISS Poetry. KISS is an acronym used in the web development world (and other industries) for many years which stands for: Keep it simple, stupid. Or, there are slightly nicer versions without the word stupid because some people have an adverse reaction to that word. So, you could say: Keep it super simple. To keep it simple I focused on the following:

  • Minimal HTML/CSS (both minimal in looks and the actual amount of code used)
  • Minimal single textarea box posting form (no separate title, content, excerpt, tags, this, that… just one field that you type in)
  • Post original poetry, or change the category to discussion and just chat about poetry/writing
  • Features geared towards poetry (extra spaces respected, single line spacing, optional title, character counting, syllable counting, line counting)

Here’s a tour:

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Billy Wilcosky