In 1997, a group of friends in Atlanta—Neil Fried, Scott Childs, Maurice Clifford, Joel Rives, and the late Clark Vreeland—pioneered an arts collective and media production company. They transformed the former Ar’lyn Worth private elementary schoolhouse in Emory Village into a beacon of artistic expression and community.

Railroad Earth, born from this collective vision, emerged as more than a mere venue—it became a dynamic tapestry interwoven with the diverse artistic endeavors of its founders and the community they cultivated.

Within the walls of this repurposed schoolhouse, creative energy continues to thrive. The collective fosters a sense of belonging—a tight-knit community where artistic souls find solace, collaboration, and the freedom to explore uncharted creative territories. From live performances to avant-garde showcases, the former Ar’lyn Worth private elementary schoolhouse buzzes with the vibrant hum of artistic ingenuity.

Railroad Earth’s essence lay in celebrating diversity and inclusivity. Here, every artistic voice, whether traditional or avant-garde, finds its resonance. The collective doesn’t just embrace different art forms; it embraces the myriad of perspectives and voices that echo through its black box (performance room) and backyard.

So, to those seeking a haven of artistic expression and communal creativity, the former Ar’lyn Worth private elementary schoolhouse in Emory Village beckons—an embodiment of the vision and dedication of a talented and friendly group of artists.

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Billy Wilcosky