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In 2017, at Cape Adare, Victoria Land, Antarctica, a 106-year-old fruitcake was discovered by conservationists. They believe it originally belonged to the British explorer Robert Falcon Scott. The fruitcake was found in “excellent condition” and was said to be “almost” edible, with a very slight rancid butter smell. But, a little spoiled butter never hurt many people. So, they ate it. Just kidding.

It was made by the British company Huntley & Palmers and was likely brought to Antarctica during Scott’s Terra Nova expedition (1910-1913). The extreme cold in Antarctica is believed to have assisted in its preservation. This was important to state for all Captain Obvious fans. Fruitcake was a popular high-fat, high-sugar food at the time and was considered an ideal high-energy food for Antarctic conditions. The discovery of the well-preserved fruitcake has garnered attention due to its historical significance and the extreme environment in which it was found.

This morsel of fruity cake goodness was discovered thanks to this Wikipedia page:

Bonus: Fruitcake is controversial. It has been criticized for its taste, with some people questioning what’s in it and finding it tough to eat. It’s also often seen as a dessert that shows up at every celebration, whether you like it or not. Additionally, its long shelf life and the fact that it’s high in fat and sugar have made it a topic of debate. 

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