I just installed a new Speculative Loading plugin which is a new official WordPress plugin that in short loads your website’s pages faster. It’s not meant to take the place of caching plugins. It’s an add-on to prefetch/pre-render pages using the new experimental Speculative Rules API.

It seems to, possibly, make my pages load faster so I’ll use it for now. They already loaded fairly fast so it’s hard to tell and I don’t feel like doing actual speed tests. Who has time for that?

Right now it’s experimental and only the newest versions of certain browsers support it. For example, any version of Chrome that comes out in 2024 supports it. 2023 versions, maybe, but not fully.

My prediction is that it will gain more support and other performance plugins will integrate this as a setting, making the actual WordPress plugin potentially useless. Or, WordPress will add this to core.

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Billy Wilcosky