WordPress Plugins

Do you use WordPress? Enjoy these plugins I’ve created.

Feed The Good

A gratitude journal plugin that is private by default. Plus, you may track your mood and what you’re most grateful for.


Add a minimal front-end posting form anywhere on your site. Use hashtags to tag. Create a personal X/threads/micro-blog.

Frontend Loader

A minimal loading spinner offering an enhanced user experience reminiscent of native applications. It intelligently detects ajax requests, link clicks, and page loads.


Show the currently logged-in user’s avatar wherever shortcodes are accepted.

Bookmark WP

A simple way to re-post articles from around the web using a bookmark (aka bookmarklet).


A way to track whether or not people received or agreed to things. Email them a special link. They click the link and submit a form. Now you have a log of the people who completed that particular form or agreed to whatever you said in the email. Instructions are included in the zip file.